Crouse-Hinds PRE-formance™ Flexible Pre-Fabricated Branch Wiring Assemblies

Eaton Clamped Enclosures for Hazardous Areas
Crouse-Hinds Clamped Classified Enclosures

Giving you the convenience of a pre-fabricated product

- Plus the flexibility to accommodate job site requirements

Contractors are continually looking for ways to improve job site efficiency and properly align skilled resources to meet tight commercial construction project deadlines. PRE-formance™ delivers the pre-engineered and pre-assembled combination of mounting method, outlet box, plaster ring, devices and leads to simplify branch wiring installation.

PRE-formance pre-fabricated products delivers:

  • The ideal solution for commercial buildings with repetitive installations such as hotels, condominium, commercial and retail offices, hospitals and apartments
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved material handling and job site safety
  • Flexibility to allow skill set allocation to match job requirements
  • Elimination of job site material “piles” and inefficient searching for pieces and parts at the job site
  • Reduction of overages and scrap, including expensive wire and cable
  • Direct labor savings over traditional “stick-build” wiring methods for improved job site efficiency

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