Eaton UL489-DIN Rail Miniature Circuit Breakers

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Optimum and Efficient Protection

Optimum product quality, tested reliability and safety stand for the best protection of personnel, installations and plant. Eaton’s FAZ-NA and FAZ-NA-L DIN rail mountable circuit breakers are designed for use in branch service applications.



      • Complete range of ULT 489 Listed DIN rail mounted miniature circuit breakers, up to 40 A current rating
      • Rated for 10 kAIC at 277/480 Vac (FAZ-NA) and at 240 Vac (FAZ-NA-L)—select amperages available up to 14 kAIC
      • Current-limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption, reducing the let-through energy that can damage the circuit
      • Suitable for branch circuit device protection
      • Thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection
  • Three levels of short-circuit protection, categorized by B, C and D curves
      • Trip-free design—breaker can not be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position


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