Eaton - SmartWire-DT


In-Panel and On-Machine Wiring Solutions

Revolutionizing in-panel control wiring
and on-machine connection of sensors 
and actuators

Reduce cost throughout the value chain.

SmartWire-DT reduces wiring time and effort, which in turn reduces costs. From design through construction to commissioning and system expansion, SmartWire-DT creates value at every step. SmartWire-DT works with third-party PLC controllers and industry-standard networks to connect motor starters and pilot devices inside the control cabinet without conventional point-to-point wiring. On the machine, sensors and actuators are easily connected with IP6K9K (washdown rated) I/O modules distributed around your machine up to 2000 ft from the system controller.

Improve productivity. Increase profitability.

Inside and outside the machine control panel, SmartWire-DT helps you to optimize the cost of machine manufacture, wiring, shipping, installation and commissioning. SmartWire-DT reduces panel and machine wiring complexity by replacing traditional control wiring with a single, durable cable that carries power and communications signals through the panel and around the machine. It’s a unique, cost-effective wiring solution that simplifies device installation, connects to standard networks and streamlines commissioning.


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